Fun Fact: Berkeley Earth- the Project by Skeptics

“I'm prepared to accept whatever result they produce, even if it proves my premise wrong. ... [T]he method isn't the madness that we've seen from NOAA, NCDC, GISS, and CRU, and, there aren't any monetary strings attached to the result that I can tell. ... That lack of strings attached to funding, plus the broad [...]


The Curious Case of Spectrum Auctions in India

By Sakshi Dhawan, Deputy Editor (Miranda House) and Shorya Jain, IIT-Delhi WHAT IS 5G Today’s mobile users want faster data speeds and more reliable service. The next generation of wireless networks—5G—promises to deliver that, and much more. With 5G, users should be able to download a high-definition film in under a second (a task that [...]

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Term of the week: Paradox of Voting

Several game theorists and social choice theorists ponder over the methods of voting and how to make them devoid of their innate flaws such as those in plurality voting (when a small number of people vote for a third party candidate, they can swing a close race to the major party candidate opposed by a [...]

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The Fault in Our Stars- The Libra Story

By Mita Chaturvedi (Miranda House) and Amartya Bhargava (IIT-Delhi) In June 2019, the social media giant Facebook formally unveiled its plans to launch a new cryptocurrency in 2020. Facebook says that it will have little to do with the decision making in this currency- but recent scandals have led to many distrusting the company. This, [...]

Fun Fact : The Chicago Boys

By Haritha K, Deputy Editor Chile is one of the wealthiest, most stable economies in South America. But to understand how Chile got here, how it became the envy of neighbouring countries - you have to know the story of a group of Chilean students who came to study economics at the University of Chicago. [...]

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Term of the Week: The Cobra Effect

By Mita Chaturvedi, Deputy Editor The Cobra Effect, in economics, refers to a situation when an intended solution to a problem only worsens the problem. How the term came to be? Time for a backstory: The Cobra Effect finds its roots in Delhi, India- during the epoch of British rule in the Indian subcontinent. Delhi [...]

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