Fun Fact: The Leftist Origins of the Monopoly Board Game

By Riya Kalia, Junior Editor Memories of fondness and frustration are often associated with one of the world’s most popular board games, Monopoly. As all players will know, the game involves players competing for limited properties or utilities and ends with one monopolist controlling the properties and utilities on the board, having expropriated all the [...]

Fun Fact: Winning the Lottery: Dream or Nightmare?

By Shreyanka Pal, Deputy Editor “What would you do if you won the lottery?” - we’ve all indulged in this one conversation around the dinner table. It seems like the ultimate dream, a bare minimum investment to buy a chance to fulfil all your fantasies of living a better life. But is it really as [...]

Fun Fact: Ed Sheeran and Shape of the Stock Market

By Medha Arora, Deputy Editor What does a financial crisis sound like? The yelling of a trading room, the anger and frustration of people who lost their jobs, incessant blaring of television news and arguing economists and policy-makers, perhaps? To Julian Anderson, composer in residence at the London Philharmonic Orchestra, this image presents itself as [...]