Arthashastra, the Economics Society of Miranda House, University of Delhi presents ‘VISHLESHAN’ : The Economics Discussion Group where eminent personalities will be called for interactive sessions to stimulate intellectual discourse on critical, current economic issues. They shall answer all questions related to every aspect of the issue and explain it in a very lucid and clear way. It’s an opportunity for discerning minds to discourse beyond the usual constructs of classroom teaching-a forum to inspire and provide greater opportunities to aspiring economists.

It is imperative for economics students to know about all the macroeconomic issues that occur around the world, that directly or indirectly affect our lives. All economic issues have a mechanism behind them that causes it to have certain economic consequences, and it is important to understand that mechanism so that in future we may have the power of knowledge and effective tools to bring amends and avoid any economic catastrophe. As our syllabus does not covers such contemporary issues due to time crunch, we aim to cover them and diffuse the knowledge not only among students of economics but also among those hailing from other streams.

Reports for Vishleshan Sessions (2017-18)

‘Brexit’ Reading Group Session

‘GST’ Reading Group Session

Nudge Report Vishleshan

Seminar of Economic Freedom and Liberalism by Mr. Mohit Satyanand

‘Cryptocurrency’ Reading Group Session

Seminar on Making Sense of Social Policy by Jean Drèze

‘Introduction To Stock Markets’ Reading Group Session

‘Financial Crisis of 2008’ Reading Group Session


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