The Various Complexities of Foreign Aid

By Bharati J Krishnan, Chief Editor The global nature of most of our current crises—from the Coronavirus to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen—has allowed a lot of sympathy to brew among the international community. This usually translates to help in the form of foreign aid. However, the dynamics of foreign aid aren’t as straightforward as [...]

Under Aegis of Lockdown, Labour is Being Shown its Place

Article by Dr. Amit Bhaduri Dr. Amit Bhaduri is former Professor Emeritus, JNU. He has written 6 books and written over 60 papers on various topics in the field of Economics which have been published in standard international journals. This article first appeared in the print edition on July 7, 2020 under the title “The [...]

Term Of The Week- Disaster Capitalism

By Devika M, Junior Editor The term, originally coined by author Naomi Klein in her 2007 book, ‘The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism’, talks about how governments are better able to push for more free-market policies that benefit the top 1% by exploiting their citizen’s disorientation in times of a crisis. They also [...]

The Ridiculous Optimism of Boris’ Government

Furthermore, why are these people so quick to jump on polls when they are so often wrong? Polls seem to be a rather useless tool – they are there for the benefit of political parties grabbing power, in that they can substitute having principles for whatever is the seemingly popular mood – and the popular mood can be wrong.