Richard D. Wolff – Increasing Desperation as the U.S. Capitalist System Declines

by Prof. Richard D. Wolff (the article was originally released by Economy for All, a project of the Independent Media Institute) Like all previous economic systems in recorded history, capitalism is on track to repeat the same three-step trip: birth, evolution, and death. The timing and other specifics of each system’s trip differ. Births and evolutions [...]

Ghibli Movies: A Semi-Economic Analysis

By Bharati J Krishnan, Chief Editor It's easy to take for granted the remedial effects of Studio Ghibli movies. However, Ghibli productions don't just make wholesome, feel-good movies meant to therapize; their movies deal with many societal and economic themes that are present without hijacking the entire plot of the movie. They appear in a [...]

Capitalism and Pandemics: beyond correlation

By Akshar Katariya (Ashoka University); Akshar won the third position in our essay writing competition. Enjoy his submission! (The article was written before June 2020) Free market capitalism has induced fierce competition where power hunger and overbearing ambition have pitted countries against one another. While it is evident that competition causes innovation by product differentiation [...]

South American Alternative to Western Development

By Annavajhula J.C. Bose, PhD Department of Economics, SRCC The indigenous traditions and knowledge in South America, like Buddhism of Bhutan in South Asia, point to a credible alternative to Western development, focused on the good life or well-being in the broadest sense. The classical Western idea of development (industrialization) has become a zombie concept, [...]

Garden of Eden or Fool’s Paradise?

By Medha Arora, Deputy Editor After the decline of the European Feudal system, the introduction of waged labour and the Industrial Revolution, capitalism emerged as a system viewed synonymously with growth and prosperity. The reality of a free-market system, the essence of which includes recognition of an individual’s rights and private ownership of property, coupled [...]