Fun Fact: The Skirt Length Theory

via By Naina Khurana, Chief Editor. KEY TAKEAWAYS The skirt length theory proposes that skirt hemlines are higher when the economy is performing better, and longer during downturns. At least since the 1920s, market watchers have debated the merits of "hemline theory," the idea that shorter skirts point toward economic booms and longer ones [...]

In Conversation with Dr. Michael Jakob: Environmental Economics, Myths, and Research

Dr. Michael Jakob Dr. Michael Jakob is currently a Researcher at the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC), Berlin. Dr. Jakob completed his Doctoral Studies in Economics at the Technical University of Berlin (suma cum laude). Since then, he has been continuously working in the domain of Environmental Economics. Have you [...]

In Conversation with Dr. Subramanian Swamy: Learning Times, PM-KISAN, and Missing Data

Dr. Subramanian Swamy is an Indian economist, politician, and lawyer. He is currently serving as a nominated member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha. He received his BA from Delhi University, MS (Mathematical Statistics) from Kolkata, and Ph.D. (Economics) from Harvard University in 1965. He has had a stellar teaching experience at Harvard University and IIT [...]

Fun Fact: John Nash, the Man and the Math

By Bharati J Krishnan, Junior Editor John Forbes Nash Jr. John Nash is considered a demigod  amongst Game theorists even today. But interestingly, his work in the fields of Mathematics and Game theory are not what make him stand apart. It is his lifelong struggle and eventual recovery from his ill fated mental health.  He [...]

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