FUN FACT- Who invented the internet?

The Internet. Who isn't aware of this term in today's day and age? Many even call modern day technology- especially the internet- the 'eighth wonder of the world.' This laud that the internet, quite rightfully, receives makes one wonder- Who was behind all of this? Common misconception Silicon Valley invented the internet- most of you [...]

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Making An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Article by Haritha K, Deputy Editor In 1973, Stanley Adams, an executive at the Swiss pharmaceutical firm Hoffman-LaRoche discovered incriminating documents about the company being a part of a price-fixing scam in the international market for vitamins. Adams decided to approach the European Economic Commission with a confidential memo outlining how Roche manipulated the bulk [...]

The Ridiculous Optimism of Boris’ Government

Furthermore, why are these people so quick to jump on polls when they are so often wrong? Polls seem to be a rather useless tool – they are there for the benefit of political parties grabbing power, in that they can substitute having principles for whatever is the seemingly popular mood – and the popular mood can be wrong.