An Exemplary Introduction to Economics

(Review of the book, Economics after the Crisis: An Introduction to Economics from a Pluralist and Global Perspective, by Irene van Staveren. 2015. Routledge. Pp. 439) By Dr. Annavajhula J.C. BoseDepartment of Economics, SRCC Economics students in India, in general, are not aware of this beautiful introductory economics textbook written by a beautiful woman with [...]

FREAKONOMICS: A treasure grove for the curious

Incentives – the heart and hearth of economics The book written by Steven Levitt in collaboration with Stephen Dubner beautifully unravels the simplicity of economics and how incentives make the world go round. Levitt, in a very subtle way, enriches the reader with how incentives shape individual lives, functioning of gangs and administration of a [...]