Are NFTs Revolutionising the Art World?

by Shreyanka Pal, Deputy Editor Last month, Mike Winklemann, under the pseudonym Beeple, auctioned a digital art piece for $69 million. Let that sink in. The buyer, MetaKovan, paid $69 million for the “ownership” of a digital painting that conferred no actual rights – he doesn’t own the copyright, didn’t get a physical print and, [...]

Ghibli Movies: A Semi-Economic Analysis

By Bharati J Krishnan, Chief Editor It's easy to take for granted the remedial effects of Studio Ghibli movies. However, Ghibli productions don't just make wholesome, feel-good movies meant to therapize; their movies deal with many societal and economic themes that are present without hijacking the entire plot of the movie. They appear in a [...]