Feeling Blue, Tell the Truth

By Annavajhula J.C. Bose, PhD, Department of Economics, SRCC Have you heard this song by the now defunct English-American band Derek and the Dominos, released in 1970? Tell me who's been fooling you?Tell the truthNow who's been fooling who? There you sit there, looking so coolWhile the whole show is passing you byYou better come [...]

Are NFTs Revolutionising the Art World?

by Shreyanka Pal, Deputy Editor Last month, Mike Winklemann, under the pseudonym Beeple, auctioned a digital art piece for $69 million. Let that sink in. The buyer, MetaKovan, paid $69 million for the “ownership” of a digital painting that conferred no actual rights – he doesn’t own the copyright, didn’t get a physical print and, [...]

Social Dislocation

Dedicated to the upliftment of ancient Indian rural livelihoods By Dr. Annavajhula J.C. Bose. Department of Economics, SRCC Free-market economists are not bothered about social dislocation due to economic dislocation due to their economic policies. Instead, sociologists and psychologists have addressed social dislocation. They point to a building anxiety in societies where social dislocation occurs [...]

Rethinking Red Lights: Economics Of Prostitution Laws

By Simran Panesar, Deputy Editor 5 minute read From one of the world’s oldest professions comes one of the oldest legal debates-Should prostitution be decriminalized, or even further, legalized? This has been an intensely debated issue in political, legal and economic circles with a wide range of opinions. Through the course of this article, we [...]