The D word

By Ahalya P. Rajesh, Junior Editor The objective of structuring a policy, a principled guide to action put in place by the executive branch of the government, is to help solve one of society’s numerous problems and in some cases, to prevent disastrous situations from arising. There is no better case to analyse and study [...]


Ever wondered why Economists are crucial to a business entity? Why, except for the obvious, are Economists so valuable in the world of commerce? Why Economics is still a very popular choice among students? The wide applications and reach of Economics as well as how concepts of economic theory convert into millions of dollars will [...]


Economics, the study of every day, An outsiders perception of the human ways A representation of daily decisions on a graph, A case study analyzing the price of your car Economics is every where! A tax that lowered your purchasing power, The consequences of a country's recession, very far The reason why a rupee has [...]