Homebody economy and Covid-19

By Kritika Chakrabarti, Junior Editor. Experts have often debated on the benefits of being a "homebody" ( i.e. a person who prefers to stay at home) Increased productivity in work and efficiency in personal lifeMaintaining a healthier lifestyleReducing carbon-footprint Boosting mental healthLowering the cost of living As being a "homebody" is becoming the need of the [...]

Lights, Camera, Economics- Behind the Big Screen

Article by Mita Chaturvedi, Deputy Editor Lights, camera, action, red carpets, awards, stardom and of course, money- to the layman, the film industry is a glorious affair known for making millions of dreams come to life. However, behind the glamour of films lies the equally (if not more) fascinating industry of films. The splendour and [...]

Electric Pace: Is India ready for the EV revolution?

By Adhish Majumdar (IIT-D) & Naina Khurana (Miranda House) This article is also available here. Often hailed as a solution to rising pollution in the urban areas, the adoption and use of Electric Vehicles is rising steadily across the world. Backed by technological advancements and government subsidies, an increasing number of vehicle manufacturers are entering [...]

Term of the Week: Pareto Efficiency

Pareto efficiency, or Pareto optimality, is an economic state where resources cannot be reallocated to make one individual better off without making at least one individual worse off. Named after Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist it is founded on the basis that if an economy’s resources are being used inefficiently, it ought to be possible [...]

Trade War in the Trump Era

Article by Haritha K, Deputy Editor The President’s 2018 Trade Policy agenda published by the Trump administration begins proudly by stating: ‘In 2016, President Trump told Americans, “Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to declare our economic independence once again.” Less than two years later, the Trump administration has begun fulfilling its promise.’ How the WTO [...]

Repaying Tomorrow’s Debt

~The Economics of Pollution by Naina Khurana, Junior Editor.  4 min read Perhaps one of the fundamental concepts of economics is that of supply and demand. It is the backbone of a market economy. Demand refers to how much (quantity) of a product or service is desired by buyers and supply represents how much the market can offer. [...]