The Economics of Voting: Does Your Vote Have An Impact?

By Haritha K (Miranda House) & Vedanshi Maheshwari (IIT-Delhi) The article can also be found here. Free and fair elections have become the very watchdog of democracy all over the world. Voting has become an inalienable right for the residents of a country and is something that law abiding citizens often undertake with pride and [...]

The Rise of EdTech in India – A Bumpy Road Ahead?

By Dipanshu Sharma, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and  Shreyanka Pal, Miranda House If you’ve spent quarantine trying to finish as many Coursera courses possible to display on your LinkedIn, or if you’ve missed your statistics class in hopes to catch up via a Youtube tutorial, you’ve fallen prey to the edtech industry. But, why [...]

The Fault in Our Stars- The Libra Story

By Mita Chaturvedi (Miranda House) and Amartya Bhargava (IIT-Delhi) In June 2019, the social media giant Facebook formally unveiled its plans to launch a new cryptocurrency in 2020. Facebook says that it will have little to do with the decision making in this currency- but recent scandals have led to many distrusting the company. This, [...]

Electric Pace: Is India ready for the EV revolution?

By Adhish Majumdar (IIT-D) & Naina Khurana (Miranda House) This article is also available here. Often hailed as a solution to rising pollution in the urban areas, the adoption and use of Electric Vehicles is rising steadily across the world. Backed by technological advancements and government subsidies, an increasing number of vehicle manufacturers are entering [...]

The Ridiculous Optimism of Boris’ Government

Furthermore, why are these people so quick to jump on polls when they are so often wrong? Polls seem to be a rather useless tool – they are there for the benefit of political parties grabbing power, in that they can substitute having principles for whatever is the seemingly popular mood – and the popular mood can be wrong.

Pink Healthcare: The Indian Narrative

Unraveling the access of healthcare to the Indian LGBTQ community. By Aarti from Miranda House College and Ananya Iyengar from St. Stephen's College Healthcare system- a mechanism which is sophisticatedly defined as a structure consisting of various participants to deliver services to meet the health needs of people, historically, could be viewed as being unfortunately biased. Biased: [...]