Industrial-Urban Transformation of Asia in Historical Perspective

By Dr. Annavajhula J.C. Bose, Department of Economics, SRCC With the decisive shift from development models based on import substitution to export-oriented growth based on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and the integration of Asia into global value chains (GVCs), industrialization and urbanization were accelerated in a big way in almost all developing Asian economies. By [...]

Political History of Neocon Economics

By Dr. Annavajhula J.C. Bose, Department of Economics, SRCC The war between capital and labour has been continuing since the emergence of capitalism, and the balance of power between them is reflected in the changing behaviour/character of the state in time and space, sometimes reflecting a neutral character, sometimes more pro-people and sometimes openly taking [...]

Outsourcing or Subcontracting

By Dr. Annavajhula J.C. Bose, Department of Economics, SRCC. Outsourcing or subcontracting is a supremely favoured principle of manufacturing organization. There exists subcontracting if a firm does the following types of work according to the technical parameters and design specifications of the order set out in advance from another firm: (a) production of materials, parts [...]

YouTube: A Hornet’s Nest?

By Surbhi Bassi, St. Stephen's College, University of Delhi 14 February 2019 marked 14 years of YouTube, the revolutionary idea that changed the way we know video-sharing. YouTube -the most popular video-sharing site on the web today- is estimated to be worth $100 billion. But how did it come into existence? Well, the answer is [...]