The Ridiculous Optimism of Boris’ Government

Furthermore, why are these people so quick to jump on polls when they are so often wrong? Polls seem to be a rather useless tool – they are there for the benefit of political parties grabbing power, in that they can substitute having principles for whatever is the seemingly popular mood – and the popular mood can be wrong.


Modeling the Death of Honor

Now, when someone from a relatively inferior group tries to marry into a so-called superior group, it supposedly ‘hurts’ the latter’s ego, and their fraudulent honor. And to relieve themselves of the lifelong disdain from other members of the society, the parents decide to kill their own blood and the lover.

The Green Paradox: Consequences Of Naive Climate Policy

4 minute read By Simran Panesar, Deputy Editor When William Nordhaus won the Nobel prize for Economics earlier this year, his pioneering work ratified climate change into mainstream economics, effectively providing a roadmap for a future where the world’s economic health would be linked to its environmental one. Climate Change is perhaps the greatest externality [...]

Rethinking Red Lights: Economics Of Prostitution Laws

By Simran Panesar, Deputy Editor 5 minute read From one of the world’s oldest professions comes one of the oldest legal debates-Should prostitution be decriminalized, or even further, legalized? This has been an intensely debated issue in political, legal and economic circles with a wide range of opinions. Through the course of this article, we [...]

The Ministry of Venezuela Has Fallen

Can an economy with resources and means stay collapsed for long? What can be reasons behind it? More importantly, what are its implications? Can the new ways and policies get the economy on its feet? Let us find out.