by Gulhaider Zaidi (St. Stephen's College) & Naina Khurana (Miranda House)   This article is also available at: homonationalism-a-broken-barometer-of-modernity “This campaign is love and you are love….and you matter”- these subtle but puissant words of Chasten Buttigieg on his husband, Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign ignite a novel hope for the LGBTQ+ community in ways, more eloquent [...]

Love, Pink : A new market of desirability

By Shreya Arora from Miranda House and Rhea Bisaria from St. Stephens College This article is also available at https://econafterhoursssc.wordpress.com/2019/04/22/love-pink-a-new-market-of-desirability/ Any company or brand in the current global market knows how important it is to target homocapitalism in the global economic scenario. Queer power has been able to create a market for the gay community [...]

Queering Corporations: Is Pink Capitalism Enough?

By Ritika Agarwal, Miranda House and Shubhangi Kumar, St. Stephens College This article is also available at: https://econafterhoursssc.wordpress.com/2019/04/21/queering-corporations-is-pink-capitalism-enough/ Pink Capitalism, plainly, is the incorporation of the LGBTQ movement and sexual diversity to capitalism and the market economy. It is a targeted inclusion of the LGBTQ community to generate a market focused specifically on them. And [...]

Gaytrification: Marginalisation within the LGBTQI+ community

By Sakshi Dhawan, Miranda House and Antora Bhattacharya, St. Stephens College This article is also available at https://econafterhours.wordpress.com/ Because of the sheer diversity and variability among the large number of people inhabiting them, cities have always been havens for difference, reflecting the existence of spaces characterised by a commonality among the members inhabiting them. This [...]

The Economic Prowess of Social Inclusion

By Simran Panesar, Miranda House and Kritika Sharma, St. Stephens College Contrary to Homo Economicus, which showcases humans as rational agents maximizing their satisfaction through optimal choices, Behavioral Economics highlights the importance of social forces in individual decision making.  Social norms are the implicit or explicit behavioral expectations in the society which dictate people’s choices, [...]

Pink Healthcare: The Indian Narrative

Unraveling the access of healthcare to the Indian LGBTQ community. By Aarti from Miranda House College and Ananya Iyengar from St. Stephen's College Healthcare system- a mechanism which is sophisticatedly defined as a structure consisting of various participants to deliver services to meet the health needs of people, historically, could be viewed as being unfortunately biased. Biased: [...]