The Farmers Movement Indicates a New Direction for Indian Politics

By Prof. Amit Bhaduri (The article was originally published by The Citizen on 11 May 2021. The views expressed are personal.) In times of doubt and despair, remind yourself of a line from Pablo Neruda: “You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep Spring from coming”. The government has done everything to cut [...]

Richard D. Wolff – Increasing Desperation as the U.S. Capitalist System Declines

by Prof. Richard D. Wolff (the article was originally released by Economy for All, a project of the Independent Media Institute) Like all previous economic systems in recorded history, capitalism is on track to repeat the same three-step trip: birth, evolution, and death. The timing and other specifics of each system’s trip differ. Births and evolutions [...]

Big Data, Bigger Dilemma

Jack Ma once called data more important than oil in today’s economy. Today, we face a tense geopolitical battle for control over data as big data and artificial intelligence threatens to divide the world. With the undoubted strength of data, could we potentially risk giving it too much importance over our existence?

The U.S. Economy Excels at One Thing: Producing Massive Inequality

Article by Richard D. Wolff "Deepening U.S. inequality flows directly from this capitalist organization of production—its class system." To grasp the sheer magnitude of U.S. economic inequality in recent years, consider its two major stock market indices: the Standard and Poor (S&P) 500 and Nasdaq. Over the last 10 years, the values of shares listed on [...]