Fun Fact: The Icarus Paradox

by Shreyanka Pal, Deputy Editor Have you heard the tale of Icarus? According to Greek mythology, Icarus had been presented with a pair of wings fashioned out of feathers and beeswax, by his father Daedalus, to escape an island. Overwhelmed with the ecstasy of flight and overcome with the feeling of divine power that came [...]

The Importance of Tradition: The Ritual, the Symbol, the Myth

By Jake Scott from the University of Birmingham Our lives are made up of little moments of meaning: from our morning routines to our good-luck charms, we wrap ourselves in a world we construct to feel a degree of control over; but beyond the basic utility of certain practices, we furnish these things with enjoyable [...]

Harry Potter: The Economics of Magic

They may be able to make things fly, but are wizards’ magical powers a safeguard against the economics of real life? J.K. Rowling may not have written the Harry Potter series with Economics graduates as her intended audience. However, from Horcruxes to house-elves, and everything else in between, economic concepts such as opportunity costs and [...]

Weak Axiom of Fictionomics

What will you prefer if I give you a choice? Tell me your preference, As I tell you the price. For nothing is free, Everything has a cost. Through the stories of faraway lands, And tales of once upon a time, In the world of fiction, I take you for a glance. To see, to [...]

Panem: Unveiled

The world of fiction is gateway for the people to a world they have never been to. But the stories that we read and listen to come from the imagination and experience of the people who have lived in the real world. And the real world can never do without economics. Thus, whatever the fiction world might be, we will always find the essence of economics in it.