Clarifications in Defense of Free Market.

By Keshav Bedi. Founder of Pureeconomics and Jamia Econ Graduate. Before reading this article, one is advised to carefully read the preceding article on the blog titled "Is the Invisible Hand Trembling?" by Mita Chaturvedi. The purpose of what follows is to explode the fallacies stated therein and also to clear some common confusions which [...]


Nudging towards a better economy-EcoSurvey’19

 By Naina Khurana, Chief Editor. As articulated by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, India aims to grow into a USD 5 trillion economy by 2024-25, thus making India the third-largest economy in the world. Given 4% inflation, as MPC specified by the Government for the RBI , this requires real annual growth rate in [...]

The Ministry of Venezuela Has Fallen

Can an economy with resources and means stay collapsed for long? What can be reasons behind it? More importantly, what are its implications? Can the new ways and policies get the economy on its feet? Let us find out.

‘E’ for Èquilibre

Who doesn't want to reach a state of balance and equality?
Who doesn't want to satisfy all his wants?
Who doesn't want to gain maximum profits?
Such a state, Equilibrium, to reach it, who doesn't want?

Here's a poem about Equilibrium.

Gene Games: A Quest For Equilibrium

C. K. Pushyami, Junior Editor A disclaimer before I begin; I’m not an expert in biology, and in my analyses of the finer economics and mathematics underlying the process of evolution, I will not pretend to be one. Equilibrium, generally, is understood as a state of rest. In Microeconomics, any deviation from the equilibrium price [...]