Industry-Centric View of Economic Globalization

By Dr. Annavajhula J.C. Bose, Department of Economics, SRCC Do you know how worldwide sold cars, I-Phones, shoes, toys, garments, and the like mass-produced complex and simple products, are made? You need to know the global division of labour and specialization between firms and workers by way of global value chains behind them. A value [...]

Informal Employment

By Dr. Annavajhula J.C. Bose, Department of Economics, SRCC It would be a grave remiss on the part of the Indian Economy students if they have not yet reckoned with what is amiss in India in terms of the harsh realities highlighted by the two reports by some of India’s leading labour economists and liberal [...]

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Seminar on Multiculturalism and Populism by Prof. Kelly

Vishleshan, the discussions vertical of Arthashastra organized a seminar on Multiculturalism and Populism by Professor Paul Kelly. Professor Kelly is a professor of Political Philosophy at The London School of Economics and Political Science. Isheka Agarwal from Vishleshan attempts to give an analysis of the lessons from this seminar. MULTICULTURALISM In order to understand multiculturalism, [...]

Know your economist- John Maynard Keynes

By Kritika Chakrabarti, Junior Editor. No econ student completes his/her study and no country forms its economic policies without keeping in mind the theories of this great man – John Maynard Keynes Keynes, (5 June 1883 – 21 April 1946), was a British economist whose ideas fundamentally changed the theory and practice of macroeconomics and [...]

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In Conversation with Prof. Mukherjee Series: Introducing Game Theory, Social Choice Theory, and Mechanism Design

Professor Saptarshi Mukherjee is an associate professor at IIT Delhi. He works on mechanism design, social choice, game theory, bounded rationality and teaches microeconomics, game theory and mathematical economics. He received his PhD and graduated from ISI, Delhi Centre and was a post-doc fellow at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2011-2013. For more details on [...]